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    Concrete series


    Concrete multi-functional nondestructive testerConcrete strength tester Nonmetal ultrasonic detector Impact echo audio detector
    Prestressed series

    Prestressed series

    Multi function detector of prestressed concrete beam Quality detector for grouting density of duct Back pull effective prestress detector Prestressed anchor cable (pole) tension detector
    Pile pole series

    Pile pole series

    Low strain detector for foundation pile Foundation pile acoustic transmission detector Steel guardrail column buried depth shock elastic wave detector Bolt quality detector
    Assembled series

    Assembled series

    Assembled structure multi-function detector
    Series of geotechnical materials

    Series of geotechnical materials

    Falling ball type resilient modulus tester Falling ball tester for geotechnical mechanical properties Cross hole rock mass mechanical property detector Geotechnical acoustic wave tester
    Railway special series

    Railway special series

    Railway concrete structure scanner Multi function nondestructive testing instrument for ballastless track (type III) Knock type tunnel lining defect detector
    Fast inspection series (mobile platform)

    Fast inspection series (mobile platform)

    Knock type tunnel lining defect detector Knock type concrete filled steel tube void detector Knock type building decoration void detector Percussion fastener loosening inspection instrument
    Monitoring equipment series

    Monitoring equipment series

    Network multi-function monitoring and testing instrument
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    Sichuan Central Inspection Technology Inc. (referred to as: SCIT), stock code: 839148, total assets of more than 60 million yuan. The company is oriented to transportation, railway, water conservancy, universities, construction, metallurgy and other industries. It is committed to the national high-tech enterprises, such as non-destructive testing, remote monitoring, engineering quality intelligent analysis and evaluation, technology, equipment, system research and development and professional technical services. Type enterprises, Sichuan specialized special new enterprises, AAA credit and dual soft enterprises.

    The company has more than 40 patented technologies, and a number of original technologies in concrete structure and prestressed structure testing. It has won Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award, Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, Daxie Water Science and Technology Award, China Patent Excellence Award, and the whole country. Awards for the Municipal Engineering Technology Award and the China Highway Society Science and Technology Award. The R&D technology has been identified as the international leading/advanced level for many times. The products have been rated as provincial-level and national key new products, and the Ministry of Communications has focused on promoting scientific and technological achievements and provincial-level local famous products. The company has participated in more than 30 standards and procedures of the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Water Resources, the China Railway Corporation, and various societies and localities.



    (1)Testing equipment manufacturing and selling: The NDT equipment of various mechanical characteristics, shapes, damages and defects of concrete structure, Geo-material, pres-tress system, post column, ballast-less track slab, blast furnace etc.

    (2)Monitoring system manufacturing and selling: It consists of the self-excitation health monitoring system for pres-tress concrete bridge and the remote health monitoring system for tunnel and side slope.

    (3)Testing and monitoring database: It provides a full set of services for database management, with the management of massive data, including data upload, data down load, data store, data retrieve, data query, data print and the comparison of monitoring data at different times which supports the remote data transmission on both wire and wireless network.

    (4)Testing consulting: It provides the comprehensive detection and monitoring, and the service for system operation.

    (5)The NDT teaching system for university: It provides a full of teaching for nondestructive test and the construction scheme for experimental base.

    (6)The model system for engineering quality and health information -BQIM: It connects various testers, monitoring systems, databases and fuses the BIM system with visible and attribute management of construction quality and operation state of the important structure to realize three dimensional digital management of the whole life cycle for engineering quality.