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    Concrete Series

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    Prestressed Series

    Prestressed Concrete Beam Multi-function Detector Hole Filling Density TesterReverse Pull Effective Prestress TesterPrestressed Anchor Cable (rod) Tension Detector
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    Pile Column Series

    Pile Low Strain DetectorPile Acoustic Wave Transmission DetectorSteel Guardrail Column Buried Deep Impact Elastic Wave DetectorAnchor Quality Detector
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    Assembly Series

    Sleeve Grouting Quality Detector
    Geotechnical Material Series

    Geotechnical Material Series

    Falling Ball Rebound Modulus TesterFalling Ball Type Geotechnical Property Tester Cross-hole Rock Mass Mechanical Property TesterGeotechnical Acoustic Wave Tester
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    Railway Special Series

    Railway Concrete Structure ScannerBallastless Track Multi-function Non-destructive Tester (type Iii)Ballastless Track Void Detector (type Iii)
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  • Chengdu Headquarters:028-68611510 / 028-68611516


  • Address: Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, Wuhou District City, province, Wu Xing 28 Road, west 4, 7, five,

    E-mail: 2931371275@qq.com

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    in 2011

    Chengdu Branch was established

    in 2018

    Acquired AAA credit enterprise certification



    Beijing branch established

    Inspection and Testing Organization Qualification Certificate (CMA)


    in 2016

    Listing new three board

    High-level talents from Sichuan Province enter the top entrepreneurial team of the “Thousand Talents Program”

    in 2014

    Ningbo Shengtuo Subsidiary was established

    in 2004

    The extension test was established


    Restructured into "Company"


    Quality Management System ISO9001

    National High-tech Enterprise Certification

















    Acquired AAA credit enterprise certification


    December Obtained the qualification certificate for inspection and testing institutions
    December Won the 19th China Patent Excellence Award
    November The quality inspection and evaluation technology of hydraulic structural concrete based on impact elastic wave won the second prize of Dagu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Award
    July Established "Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch"


    December Sichuan's high-level talents introduce the “Thousand Talents Program” top entrepreneurial team
    October "Inspection equipment and testing method for measuring the buried depth of guardrail steel column with impact elastic wave", patent number: ZL200610003437.6, won the "18th China Patent Excellence Award"
    September The company is listed in the "National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System"
    June The ascending detection ultra-thin platform was successfully launched
    April The company successfully held the "First University Civil Engineering Testing and Testing Technology Seminar"


    December The official website of the company was revised.
    November The company officially launched the college and high-speed rail non-destructive testing service program manual
    October The company was restructured and renamed as “Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd.”
    October The technical system for grouting compactness of prestressed concrete bridges has passed the appraisal of Zhejiang Provincial Communications Department, and the appraisal result is “international advanced”.
    May The company's civil engineering non-destructive testing technology R & D center was successfully approved by the Zigong City SME Research and Development Agency
    May Concrete multi-functional non-destructive tester was selected as the recommended list of local famous products in Sichuan Province
    March Wu Jialu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, edited the textbook "Civil Engineering Testing and Testing"
    February Cross-hole rock mass mechanical properties tester
    February Cross-hole rock mass mechanical properties tester...
    January Shengtuo test officially opened WeChat public number
    January Our company won the third prize of two China Highway Society Science and Technology Awards.


    November The column detector was awarded the 2014 Ministry of Communications scientific and technological achievements promotion products.
    October “Upxue Testing” trademark was successfully registered and obtained a certificate
    October The company's software is all upgraded to VC2010 platform
    July Our company successfully developed a special excitation device for long anchor cable detection.
    July The company successfully launched a new column embedded platform
    June The pillar depth detection technology was appraised by the China Highway Society and was rated as “International Leader”.
    May The company's "Bridge Safety Intelligent Analysis and Monitoring System" Innovation Fund Project passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology
    February Ningbo Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established
    January Research on the mechanical testing technology of the company's falling ball filling materials passed the provincial appraisal


    December The product prestressed concrete beam multi-function detector (SPC-MATS) was included in the 2013 Sichuan Provincial Famous Products Recommended Catalogue
    December The company's series of integrated GPS modules have been successfully developed.
    December Rock anchor PA type successfully launched
    December The technique of testing the geotechnical material by the ball method won the certificate of the Japan Society of Reclamation
    June The company's non-destructive testing science and technology innovation team was named the Zigong City Innovation Team
    June The company launched the university civil engineering testing and testing teaching package
    June The company's products officially launched wireless control system
    March The company launched a new WIN8 system tablet PC popular instrument


    December The company's large and medium span bridge monitoring technology won the third prize of "China Highway Society Science and Technology Award Certificate"
    August The company launched P series (popular) non-destructive testing equipment
    July The company's grouting compactness detection technology won the second prize of the 2011 Municipal Engineering Science and Technology Award.
    June Sichuan Science and Technology Extension Joint Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing (Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province) completed the construction of a new experimental model
    March The company obtained software software certification and software product registration double soft certificate
    February The company's grouting compactness detection technology won the third prize of the 2011 China Highway Society Technology Award.


    November 四川升拓检测技术有限责任公司成都分公司成立
    December 公司"预应力混凝土结构孔道压浆无损检测技术"被鉴定为国际先进
    October 公司新款一体化小型化平台仪器面市


    December The company obtained the "National High-tech Enterprise Certification"
    December The company obtained "quality management system ISO9001"
    May The company signed an agreement with Japan's OYO Co., Ltd. to develop the overseas market of the company's products by OYO. Marking the official formation of the global sales network of our products


    October The company participated in the drafting and formulation of the national standard (GB2007-17 steel guardrail column buried deep impact elastic wave detector) review and approval, officially reported to the country for approval
    January The company signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Sichuan Zhongwu Technology Co., Ltd. (China Academy of Engineering Physics)


    July The company and Japan’s Kashima Construction Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to jointly develop ball-strike strength testing technology.
    April The company opened an office in Tokyo, Japan


    November The company and Sichuan Institute of Technology signed an agreement to jointly establish a joint laboratory of Sichuan Institute of Technology-Uplift Nondestructive Testing
    July The company and Beijing Zhongjiao Huaan Technology Co., Ltd. (subordinate to the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications) signed a joint development of highway guardrail buried depth testing technology agreement national high-tech enterprise certification


    The extension test was established