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    Why do you want to check the length of the bolt and the fullness of the grout?

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    Anchor rods are often in the immersion of groundwater during use. The damage caused by its rust is very serious, not only will cause loss of support power, but also may cause the slope to collapse in severe cases. The most important reason for the corrosion of the anchor is the entry of water and air caused by the incomplete grouting. Therefore, the quality of the grouting directly affects the durability and safety of the supporting system.
    On the other hand, the lack of anchor length is also a common problem due to construction quality problems.
    At present, for anchors, the detection method of impact elastic wave is the most common:
    1) based on the impact characteristics of the impact elastic wave;
    2) based on the impact elastic wave attenuation characteristics;
    In general, the detection method based on the reflection characteristic can detect the grouting defect (also known as grouting defect) in the length of the bolt and the entire length, and the test range is large. The method based on the attenuation characteristics can only test the vicinity of the test anchor head, or the short-rod anchoring defects.
    In addition, for the grouting compactness of the rock anchor cable (also known as the anchorage grouting fullness), there has not been a reliable and effective non-destructive testing method.
    It is worth noting that for the grouting density of the prestressed beam, due to the different conditions of the test object, we have developed a series of qualitative and localized detection techniques, and have been widely used (see “Prestressing for details”. Beam quality comprehensive testing technology system")
    Our grouting compactness test program combines a variety of technologies developed at home and abroad and we strive to achieve the optimization of test efficiency and accuracy.
    Ascending non-destructive testing technology experts remind you: the bolt length detector, the bolt grouting fullness detection, select the "rock anchor multi-function detector".
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