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    Concrete Series

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    Prestressed Series

    Prestressed Concrete Beam Multi-function Detector Hole Filling Density TesterReverse Pull Effective Prestress TesterPrestressed Anchor Cable (rod) Tension Detector
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    Pile Column Series

    Pile Low Strain DetectorPile Acoustic Wave Transmission DetectorSteel Guardrail Column Buried Deep Impact Elastic Wave DetectorAnchor Quality Detector
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    Assembly Series

    Sleeve Grouting Quality Detector
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    Geotechnical Material Series

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    Railway Special Series

    Railway Concrete Structure ScannerBallastless Track Multi-function Non-destructive Tester (type Iii)Ballastless Track Void Detector (type Iii)
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    The system includes two parts: on-site special inspection and construction and structural health and safety monitoring. The on-site special inspection is divided into mixed soil structure, rock stone engineering, Jiaoancheng and rail transit engineering. Our company has obtained the qualification certificate (CMA) for inspection and testing institutions, and can issue corresponding test reports.

    On-site special inspection

    Mixed earth structure (tunnel, superstructure, etc.)

    ◆ Tunnel lining: secondary lining concrete strength, thickness, crack depth, etc.

    ◆ Bridge structure: prestressed structure under anchor stress, tunnel grouting compactness, cable force, tie rod tension, material, internal defects of bridge pier, and bearing capacity of concrete, concrete aging, etc.

    ◆ Building structure: internal defects of concrete, grouting defects, floor thickness, etc.

    ◆ Hydraulic structure: crack depth, peeling, pouring defects, mixed soil aging, etc.

    ◆ Other buildings: concrete filled steel tubes, internal voids of track panels, etc.

    Geotechnical, rock engineering

    ◆ Filling project: deformation modulus, strength, etc. of geomaterials

    ◆ Slope engineering: internal defects such as bolt length, grouting density, cable length, tension, etc., as well as bearing capacity of concrete, concrete aging, etc.

    ◆ Column foundation: basic column integrity of in-service and new construction


    Traffic safety engineering

    ◆ Steel guardrail column buried depth

    Rail transit system

    ◆ Ballastless track plate void, crack, mixed material and damage