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    Prestressed series

    Multi function detector of prestressed concrete beam Quality detector for grouting density of duct Back pull effective prestress detector Prestressed anchor cable (pole) tension detector
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    Pile pole series

    Low strain detector for foundation pile Foundation pile acoustic transmission detector Steel guardrail column buried depth shock elastic wave detector Bolt quality detector
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    Assembled series

    Assembled structure multi-function detector
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    Series of geotechnical materials

    Falling ball type resilient modulus tester Falling ball tester for geotechnical mechanical properties Cross hole rock mass mechanical property detector Geotechnical acoustic wave tester
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    Railway special series

    Railway concrete structure scanner Multi function nondestructive testing instrument for ballastless track (type III) Knock type tunnel lining defect detector
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    Fast inspection series (mobile platform)

    Knock type tunnel lining defect detector Knock type concrete filled steel tube void detector Knock type building decoration void detector Percussion fastener loosening inspection instrument
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    Monitoring equipment series

    Network multi-function monitoring and testing instrument
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    Big innovation of shock elastic wave detection software-continuous acquisition and real-time mapping

    Big innovation of shock elastic wave detection software-continuous acquisition and real-time mapping

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    Inthefieldsoftransportation,railway,waterconservancy,constructionandotherengineeringfields,theinspectionofconcretequalityhasalwaysbeenthefocusoftheindustry. Atpresent,thequalityinspectionofconcretestructures,especiallylarge-volumeconcretestructures,mostlyusesthe"drillingandcoringmethod"and"nondestructivetestingmethod". DrillingandCoring Thecoredrillingmethodreferstothemethodofvisuallyobservingthequalitysituationafterexcavatingthecore.Theprocessisprimitiveandtheobservationresultsareintuitive,butitistime-consumingandlaborious,damagestheoriginalstructure,doesnotdeepenthedetectiondepth,andisnotsuitableforgeneralsurvey. Non-destructivetesting Non-destructivetestingisbasedontheuseofdifferentphysicalmedia,includingshockwaves,ultrasonicwaves,andgroundpenetratingradar.Thequalityoftheconcretestructureisdetectedbyinterpretingspecialimagestofindthephysicaldifferencesbetweenthedefectpartandthenormalpartintheconcretestructure.Thenon-destructivemethodisequivalenttoaB-ultrasoundinahospital,andcanintuitivelyreflectthedamagetothestructureundertest. Inthefieldofcivilengineering,thereisanurgentneedfornon-destructivetestingtechnology,andatthesametime,theadvancedandconvenientrequirementsfortestingtechnologyareincreasing.Amongthem,thedetectiontechnologyofshockelasticwavemethodhasdevelopedrapidlyinrecentyearsandhasabroadapplicationprospect.Theaccuracyandadvancednatureoftheshockelasticwavemethodhavebeenrecognizedintheindustry,andthenumberoftestingitemshasalsoincreased.Therefore,higherrequirementsareplacedonthefunctionandconvenienceofdataacquisitionandanalysissoftware. 方便Fortheconvenienceofusers,theresearchanddevelopmentteamofShengtuoDetectionTechnologyhasmadegreatinnovationsinthesoftwarebasedonshockelasticwavesofaseriesofproducts,anddevelopedanewdataacquisitionandanalysissoftware. Doyouwanttoknowwhatkindofoperatingenvironmentandtestingexperience? Thesoftwarecomplieswithuserhabitsanddetectionrequirements.Itcandisplaywaveformsandcontourmapsinthesameview,whichcanmakemoreintuitivejudgments.Itcanoutputimagesinrealtimewithoneclickwhencollectingimagesanddetectingimages.Re-mappinganalysis;softwarearchitectureinnovation,fasterdataparsing,andgoodstability. Whatarewemostconcernedabout? I.Improveddrawingperformance UsingafastergraphicsprocessingAPI,severaltimesperformanceimprovement,smootherdrawing,noneedtowait.   Second,longpicturescanbesaved ClicktheSavePicturebuttoninthetoolbartosaveallthecontourdatainasuperlongpicture. Three,calibrationproblemarea Clickthemousesettingbuttoninthetoolbar,selecttherectangularradioboxinthepop-updialogbox,andusetheleftmousebuttontodraganddrawtheboxtomarktheproblemarea.   Observinghistoricaldata ClicktheOpenFilebuttoninthetoolbarandselectthehistoricalfiletoreproducethefiledata. Whatarethemoredirectadvantagesforusers? First,methodleadership Directanalysisofthequalityofthestructureundertest,nomatterwhetherthethicknessofthestructureorthevoidismeasured,thequalityofthestructurecanbedirectlyanalyzed,theviewisclearlydisplayed,andthejudgmentcanbemoreintuitive. Two,fastandeasy Thesoftwareinterfaceanddeviceoperationaresimpleandeasytounderstand.Debugthedevice.Atthisstep,youonlyneedtotaponthestructuretobetested.Thereisnoneedtoselectotherkeys.Itisveryconvenientandeliminatestediousoperationsteps. 3.Cost-effective Theinfrastructurehasthecharacteristicsoflonglengthandlargearea,sothenon-destructivetestingtechnologynotonlyrequiresreliabletestingandhighaccuracy,butalsohashighrequirementsfortestingefficiency.Thesystemcanachieveresultswhilecollecting,shorteninganalysistime,andsavingHumanandfinancialcosts. 24.Traceabilityofresults Large-capacitystorageofallhistoricaldata,convenientforcomparisonreview,repeatedverification,andprovideareferenceforthemanagementofthestructureundertest. Atthesametime,thesystemalsoprovidesmanyauxiliarycalculationtoolsneededintheanalysisprocess,including:waveformanalysisandspectrumanalysis. Imaginewhatyoudidn'tthink,ShengTuodetectiononlyprovidesyouwithbetterservicesandtools! Welcomefriendsintheindustrytoinquireaboutthelatesttechnology. ShockEchoAudioDetector Percussiontunnelliningdefectdetector Contactnumber:028-68611511

     In the fields of transportation, railway, water conservancy, construction and other engineering fields, the inspection of concrete quality has always been the focus of the industry.

    At present, the quality inspection of concrete structures, especially large-volume concrete structures, mostly uses the "drilling and coring method" and "nondestructive testing method".
    Drilling and Coring
    The core drilling method refers to the method of visually observing the quality situation after excavating the core. The process is primitive and the observation results are intuitive, but it is time-consuming and laborious, damages the original structure, does not deepen the detection depth, and is not suitable for general survey.
    Non-destructive testing
    Non-destructive testing is based on the use of different physical media, including shock waves, ultrasonic waves, and ground penetrating radar. The quality of the concrete structure is detected by interpreting special images to find the physical differences between the defect part and the normal part in the concrete structure. The non-destructive method is equivalent to a B-ultrasound in a hospital, and can intuitively reflect the damage to the structure under test.
    In the field of civil engineering, there is an urgent need for non-destructive testing technology, and at the same time, the advanced and convenient requirements for testing technology are increasing. Among them, the detection technology of shock elastic wave method has developed rapidly in recent years and has a broad application prospect. The accuracy and advanced nature of the shock elastic wave method have been recognized in the industry, and the number of testing items has also increased. Therefore, higher requirements are placed on the function and convenience of data acquisition and analysis software.
    方便 For the convenience of users, the research and development team of Shengtuo Detection Technology has made great innovations in the software based on shock elastic waves of a series of products, and developed a new data acquisition and analysis software.
    Do you want to know what kind of operating environment and testing experience?
    The software complies with user habits and detection requirements. It can display waveforms and contour maps in the same view, which can make more intuitive judgments. It can output images in real time with one click when collecting images and detecting images. Re-mapping analysis; software architecture innovation, faster data parsing, and good stability.
    What are we most concerned about?
    I. Improved drawing performance
    Using a faster graphics processing API, several times performance improvement, smoother drawing, no need to wait.

      Second, long pictures can be saved

    Click the Save Picture button in the toolbar to save all the contour data in a super long picture.
    Three, calibration problem area
    Click the mouse setting button in the toolbar, select the rectangular radio box in the pop-up dialog box, and use the left mouse button to drag and draw the box to mark the problem area.

      Observing historical data

    Click the Open File button in the toolbar and select the historical file to reproduce the file data.
    What are the more direct advantages for users?
    First, method leadership
    Direct analysis of the quality of the structure under test, no matter whether the thickness of the structure or the void is measured, the quality of the structure can be directly analyzed, the view is clearly displayed, and the judgment can be more intuitive.
    Two, fast and easy
    The software interface and device operation are simple and easy to understand. Debug the device. At this step, you only need to tap on the structure to be tested. There is no need to select other keys. It is very convenient and eliminates tedious operation steps .
    3. Cost-effective
    The infrastructure has the characteristics of long length and large area, so the non-destructive testing technology not only requires reliable testing and high accuracy, but also has high requirements for testing efficiency. The system can achieve results while collecting, shortening analysis time, and saving Human and financial costs.
    24. Traceability of results
    Large-capacity storage of all historical data, convenient for comparison review, repeated verification, and provide a reference for the management of the structure under test.
    At the same time, the system also provides many auxiliary calculation tools needed in the analysis process, including: waveform analysis and spectrum analysis.
    Imagine what you didn't think, ShengTuo detection only provides you with better services and tools!
    Welcome friends in the industry to inquire about the latest technology.
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    Percussion tunnel lining defect detector
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