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    Blast furnace body health detection and monitoring system

    Blast furnace body health detection and monitoring system
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    Blast furnace is an important link in steel production. However, due to various

    reasons, blast furnace wall (cylinder) burn-through accidents occur frequently,

    causing huge economic and property losses. To this end, our company has

    developed a set of detection and monitoring systems for the safety of the blast

    furnace wall together with the cooperation unit, which can greatly improve the

    safety and economics of the blast furnace.






    Perfect function





     Strong flexibility






      High precision





       low cost






    real-time monitoring
    Report push
    Monitoring pre-alarm
    Historical data storage and analysis









            Perception layer:
            Based on the characteristics of the required monitoring items, the main tasks

    of the perception layer include: sensor selection and layout, fieldbus layout,

    acquisition equipment networking, etc.
            Network layer:
            In the actual project, in order to meet the overall system function of the online

    monitoring system, two long-distance transmission methods are generally used:

    one is to use the packet data network to remotely transmit the collected data

    through the DTU; the other is to use on-site monitoring to Data is transmitted via

    Internet media such as wired networks, online networks, and private networks. Due

    to the particularity of blast furnace monitoring temperature and regional

    environment, the second transmission method is recommended.
            Application layer (cloud platform management evaluation):
            The application layer works for intelligent applications such as data reception,

    calculation, storage, query, data analysis, report push, pre-alarm, and three-party

    data interface.







    Blast furnace body health

    detection and monitoring system




    Blast furnace lining thickness and defect non-destructive detection system

    Furnace shell outer wall temperature monitoring system
    Big data real-time analysis


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