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    Concrete multi-functional nondestructive testerConcrete strength tester Nonmetal ultrasonic detector Impact echo audio detector
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    Prestressed series

    Multi function detector of prestressed concrete beam Quality detector for grouting density of duct Back pull effective prestress detector Prestressed anchor cable (pole) tension detector
    Pile pole series

    Pile pole series

    Low strain detector for foundation pile Foundation pile acoustic transmission detector Steel guardrail column buried depth shock elastic wave detector Bolt quality detector
    Assembled series

    Assembled series

    Assembled structure multi-function detector
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    Series of geotechnical materials

    Falling ball type resilient modulus tester Falling ball tester for geotechnical mechanical properties Cross hole rock mass mechanical property detector Geotechnical acoustic wave tester
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    Railway special series

    Railway concrete structure scanner Multi function nondestructive testing instrument for ballastless track (type III) Knock type tunnel lining defect detector
    Fast inspection series (mobile platform)

    Fast inspection series (mobile platform)

    Knock type tunnel lining defect detector Knock type concrete filled steel tube void detector Knock type building decoration void detector Percussion fastener loosening inspection instrument
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    Monitoring equipment series

    Network multi-function monitoring and testing instrument
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    University training system

    University training system
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    The comprehensive solution for the civil engineering training platform consists of civil engineering non-destructive testing training solutions, IoT monitoring training training programs, civil engineering information management (smart land) training solutions, and artificial intelligence (AI) data analysis training solutions. The scheme consists of four parts. Each part can be a self-contained system or a joint construction. It can be customized according to the needs of the college's professional construction.



    Civil engineering nondestructive testing training solution

    The system includes the construction of a talent training platform. The main modules involved are divided into two parts: an indoor testing and training area and a comprehensive demonstration base. The indoor testing and training part is mainly for classroom teaching; the comprehensive demonstration base is mainly for field applications, demonstrations, and scientific research.


    teaching material




      Provide supporting experimental instruction book, digital course, teaching

    courseware (teaching

    PPT / problems, etc.), rich in content, and strengthen the systematic study of

    students' professional knowledge.


     Construction of training grounds


      Construction of BOIM training base


    Combining non-destructive testing, artificial intelligence and BIM, using artificial intelligence to

    analyze detection data, visualized display with BIM models, can detect data-driven models,

    accurately locate the defect location on BIM, and visually display the degree of defects. At the same

    time, it supports students' autonomous modeling. Individualized management of the trinity of

    students, models, and test data.


      IoT monitoring training solution


     The Internet of Things monitoring training is mainly aimed at common infrastructure structures, such as foundation pits, slopes, roads, bridges, and

    building construction. Real-time online monitoring is used to effectively grasp the health status of structures and timely conduct safety assessments.

    Through indoor and outdoor teaching monitoring and training bases, improve the engineering Internet of Things training and teaching system.



    Civil engineering information management (smart site) training plan


    Civil engineering informatization management (smart construction site) training solution, designed for on-site training difficulties, training safety hidden

    dangers and other problems, including pre-stressed quality intelligent management and control system, pressure quality intelligent management and

    control system, informationized data management system The system conforms to VR abuse simulation reality technology, and reproduces the entire

    process of field construction, quality inspection, and information management.


    Artificial intelligence (AI) training solutions



    Non-destructive testing, Internet of Things monitoring and artificial intelligence technology are integrated. Artificial intelligence technology is used to determine the testing and monitoring data, and artificial intelligence testing and monitoring teaching is carried out.
    This solution locates new engineering subjects, new ideas, new technologies, and new environments. It uses artificial intelligence + engineering testing to cover traditional engineering testing and training teaching through research topics, practical training, and other war-fighting teaching cases. Highly intelligent teaching and curriculum construction. Through the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, the establishment of closed-loop cooperation models for the research of artificial intelligence engineering testing, curriculum construction, teacher training, and personnel training to adapt to the forefront of the new era and meet the needs of intelligent society, serve the national artificial intelligence strategy, and lead The development of intelligent engineering specialty in colleges and universities.

    According to the spirit of the Ministry of ducation on

    strengthening students' practical teaching, in the new

    version of the syllabus, "engineering inspection and

    testing" courses have been included in elective

    courses. However, due to various reasons, the

    supporting teaching materials, teaching and reference

    equipment, experimental equipment, models, etc. are

    relatively scattered. To this end, we have co-edited

    supporting teaching materials with 16 universities and

    colleges (published by the Higher Education Press and

    edited by Professor Wu Jiazhen).

     In order to meet the requirements of

    the contemporary civil engineering

    testing and testing specialty setting, and

    to meet the training requirements of

    high-quality application-oriented talents

    in engineering testing, we will work with

    20 professional colleges, such as

    Guizhou Communications Vocational

    Technical College, Shanxi

    Communications Vocational Technical

    College, Xinjiang Communications

    Vocational Technical College The school

    co-authored the book

     Civil Engineering Inspection and Testing (Undergraduate)

     ISBN:978- 7-04-041975-7

    Civil Engineering Inspection and

    Testing (Specialist)


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