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    Concrete series


    Concrete multi-functional nondestructive testerConcrete strength tester Nonmetal ultrasonic detector Impact echo audio detector
    Prestressed series

    Prestressed series

    Multi function detector of prestressed concrete beam Quality detector for grouting density of duct Back pull effective prestress detector Prestressed anchor cable (pole) tension detector
    Pile pole series

    Pile pole series

    Low strain detector for foundation pile Foundation pile acoustic transmission detector Steel guardrail column buried depth shock elastic wave detector Bolt quality detector
    Assembled series

    Assembled series

    Assembled structure multi-function detector
    Series of geotechnical materials

    Series of geotechnical materials

    Falling ball type resilient modulus tester Falling ball tester for geotechnical mechanical properties Cross hole rock mass mechanical property detector Geotechnical acoustic wave tester
    Railway special series

    Railway special series

    Railway concrete structure scanner Multi function nondestructive testing instrument for ballastless track (type III) Knock type tunnel lining defect detector
    Fast inspection series (mobile platform)

    Fast inspection series (mobile platform)

    Knock type tunnel lining defect detector Knock type concrete filled steel tube void detector Knock type building decoration void detector Percussion fastener loosening inspection instrument
    Monitoring equipment series

    Monitoring equipment series

    Network multi-function monitoring and testing instrument
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    Jiayu Wu

    Detailed introduction
    Sichuan Central Inspection Technology Limited by Share Ltd Chairman

    Wu Jialu, male, born in 1970, Zigong, Sichuan. In 1995, he graduated from the Department of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering of Tsinghua University, majoring in geotechnical engineering, doctor of engineering, national registered civil engineer (geo soil), bridge inspection engineer, Sichuan Province “Thousand Talents Plan”, Ningbo “3315 Plan” special expert, Sichuan Province Academic technology leader (back-up candidate). He is currently the chairman of the company, dean of the School of Civil Engineering of Sichuan Institute of Technology, professor, and an adjunct professor at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shantou University and Lanzhou Jiaotong University.

    Long-term commitment to engineering non-destructive testing, health monitoring and disaster prevention and mitigation technology research, with nearly 20 years of overseas engineering safety assessment and management experience. He has presided over many international, national, provincial and municipal research projects, and has edited several monographs and textbooks. He has published many academic papers in core journals at home and abroad, authorized more than ten invention patents, and participated in dozens of standards, norms and procedures. Scientific research results have been applied in many fields such as transportation, railway, construction, water conservancy, etc., and have won numerous industry awards such as China Highway Society and National Municipal Engineering Association.

    He has worked in a number of academic organizations and has been a reviewer for journals such as "Municipal Technology" and "Industrial Building", editorial board, and "Journal of Highway Traffic Technology" and "Railway Building".

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