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    Prestressed Concrete Beam Multi-function Detector

    Testing objects: bridges, tunnels, dams, ports and other concrete structures
    Testing Content: Concrete Material: Elastic Modulus, Compressive Strength, etc.
    Structure Size: Thickness
    Apparent Defects: Fracture Depth and Surface Degradation
    Internal defects: void, internal void, looseness, etc.
    Affiliate classification
    Product parameters
    Device name
    Prestressed concrete beam multi-function detector
    Equipment model

    Positioning test and defect type

    Tested continuously (excited and trusted) in the form of a scan along the upper or side of the pipe, and the condition of the grout in the pipe is tested by the characteristics of the reflected signal.


    Qualitative test

    The method can quickly detect the tightness of the grouting of the tunnel, and test the steel strands exposed at both ends of the anchor cable.
    In one test, the above three methods (FLEA, FLPV, PFTF) can be tested simultaneously, and the test time for completing one channel is within 5 minutes.

    Equivalent mass method

    When the buried anchor cable is excited by the anchor head, the induced vibration system is not fixed, but changes with the change of the anchoring force. The greater the anchoring force, the greater the quality of participation in free vibration.

    Test principle and method


    Test items


    Rapid qualitative detection of grouting compactness, accurate location detection of defects, and identification of defect types;

    Anchor cable (rod) tension detection (filled anchor cable, buried anchor cable, empty anchor cable);

    Sleeve grouting; concrete material (elastic modulus, compressive strength), wall thickness.


    Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. provides pre-stressed concrete bridge multi-function detector. The equipment can test the density of the grouting of the tunnel, the quality of the concrete pouring (the strength and rigidity of the test piece, the strength of the test piece), the effective prestress under the anchor, the material and size of the concrete. It has the characteristics of high test efficiency, good reliability and no damage to the structure, which can greatly improve the quality assurance of the prestressed beam.





    product description


    Diversification of detection functions


    High Precision Spectrum Analysis Method of MEM


    Non-destructive testing of effective prestress after grouting



    Results and technical characteristics

    Based on the integration of existing advanced technologies at home and abroad, a series of test principles were proposed and a relatively complete detection system was established. The main independent research and development technologies are:

       Equivalent Wave Velocity Method (IEEV): Positioning and type discrimination of grouting defects of prestressed beams;

         Equivalent mass method (TTEM): testing the tension of a buried anchor/rod;

        Full Length Attenuation Method (FLEA): Qualitative testing of the channel grouting density of prestressed beams;

        Transfer Function Method (PFTF): Characterizes the grouting defects in the vicinity of the anchor head of the prestressed beam. According to this, not only can the effective tension of various anchor cables/rods be tested, the grouting compactness of the prestressed beams can be quickly qualitatively detected, accurately positioned and typed, and at the same time, the concrete material (structure, test piece), beam thickness It can also be tested.


    According to the standard



    1. Technical Specifications for Non-destructive Testing of Grouting Density in Prestressed Tunnels of Shanxi Province (DB14/T 1109-2015)

    2. Technical specification for quality inspection of dense grouting of bridge prestressed tunnels in Hebei Province (DB13/T 2480—2017)

    3. Technical Specifications for Quality Inspection of Prestressed System of Highway Concrete Structure Bridges in Fujian Province (DB35/T 1638—2017)

    4. Technical regulations for effective prestress detection of bridges (DB53/T810-2016)

    5. Technical specification for grouting compactness detection of bridge prestressed pipelines (DB53/T811-2016)

    6. Rules for quality control and acceptance of bridge prestressing construction (DB53/T828-2017)

    7. Guidance for the quality work of highway construction projects in Shaanxi Province

    8. ASTM (American Standard for Testing and Materials): Standard Test Method for Measuring the P-Wave Speed and the Thickness of Concrete Plate Using Impact-Echo Method, ASTM-C1383-98, 1998.




    Prestressed concrete beam multi-function detector

    Patent No:ZL200510021851.5

    Patent Name: A Non-destructive Testing Method for Bridge Prestressed Hole Grouting Density

    Patent No:ZL20111342911.9

    Patent No:ZL 201110155408.2


    Patent name: A test method for grouting density of bridge

    prestressed tunnel based on elastic wave energy dissipation rate

    Patent name: Method for absorbing shock wave elastic wave excitation residual signal to identify reflected wave signal


    Patent No:200910197828.X

    Related patents


    Patent Name: Technology for reducing the test error of elastic wave signals by using two-direction vibration


    Patent Name: A Nondestructive Testing Method for Testing Tension of Prestressed Anchorage System

    Patent No:ZL200910177856.5

    Instrument selection

    Test content Multifunctional Testing Instrument for Prestressed Concrete Beams Quality Testing Instrument for Density of Hole Grouting Prestressed anchor cable (rod)
    Tension tester
    Longitudinal duct
    Grouting compactness
    Vertical and transverse channels
    Grouting compactness
    Concrete wall thickness      
    Texture of material      
    Suspension cable
    Pull rod
    Effective Prestressing    
    Other functions   General Technology of Database, Wireless Remote Control and Visualization


    Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
    1 Sampling period: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2, 6.4 UGS adjustable
    2 operating system:windows
    3 Waveform Noise Processing and Spectrum Analysis: Mobile Smoothing、BPF、EMD、 FFT、MEM
    4 Test Contents: Grouting Quality; Effective Prestress under Anchor, Suspension Tension; Concrete Material (Elastic Modulus, Strength) and Size
    5 Testing methods of grouting compactness: longitudinal qualitative (FLEA, FLPV, PFTF), vertical positioning (IEEV, IERS), vertical and horizontal channels (VDFM)
    6 Equivalent mass method for testing effective prestressing force under anchorage(TTEM)
    7 Signal Processing Technology: Eliminating Residual Signal of Excitation; Integral Processing and Average Processing
    8 Grouting Positioning Coupling: High Damping Sensor Support
    9 Channel number: 2 channels (VMC technology can be extended to multiple channels), trigger channels and receive channels are interchangeable
    10 Platform: Integrated Platform
    11 Testing method of free chord tension: chord vibration method
    12 Testing method of concrete material and size: reflection method
    13 Test range of grouting compactness: Qualitative test can reach 150 m; Location test is not limited by the length of channel.
    14 Test Range of Concrete Material and Size:0.1-2m
    15 Data acquisition: support touch, wireless dual mode; support single, continuous dual mode sampling
    16 working temperature:0~45℃     
    17 Sampling accuracy: floating-point interpolation compensation to 24 bits
    18 Sampling frequency: 500KHz, adjustable        
    19 Maximum acquisition points: 20,000, adjustable
    20 Maximum/Minimum Voltage Display:10V/0.0001V
    21 Display: LCD 1280*800                                                         
    22 Graphic Processing: Isogram, Concentration Map, Elastic Wave Radar Scanning
    23 On the same screen, the maximum number of waveform bars is 300 (waveform acquisition points 2048, sampling interval 4us)
    24 Location information: supporting GPS positioning





    Acceleration sensor


    Acceleration sensor



    Charge cable


    Wide area vibration signal pickup device



    Charge cable

    Wide area vibration signal pickup device


    Impact hammer

    Voltage cable


    Verification of Bolt Tension of Fan Base


    Pre-stress Assessment of a Bridge under Construction in Guangdong Province

    Verification of Suspender of Chengzhi Double South Arch Bridge in Huishui, Guizhou Province


    Verification of tie rod of super large suspension bridge on G201 National Highway in Wujiang, Guizhou

    Effective Tension Detection of Viaduct in Service in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

    Prestress Detection of a Questioned Bridge


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