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    Ballastless track multi-function detector

    Test object: CRTS-III track plate
    Test content: track plate void, crack depth, track plate concrete damage
    Affiliate classification
    Product parameters
    Device name
    Ballastless track multi-function non-destructive tester
    Equipment model

    Test items

    Test object: CRTS-III track plate

    Test content: track plate void, crack depth, track plate concrete damage

    Graphics processing function




    Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. provides a flawless track multi-function non-destructive tester (Type III), which can detect the structural quality of the high-speed railway ballastless track plate, mainly for the track plate and the adjustment layer (empty seam) , the base plate and the adjustment layer are emptied (separate from the seam), the wide and narrow joints and the adjustment layer are emptied (separate from the seam), the track plate and the base plate are cracked, the track plate and the base plate are damaged, and the width and narrow joint damage are detected. .

    The equipment system has rich graphics processing functions: elastic wave radar scanning EWR, computer tomography CT, fast planar imaging QPG, 3D slicing technology 3DS, fast planar imaging QPG, intelligent threshold calculation, and the area of the gap area and different states The gap condition is numerically represented, and the structural damage is evaluated by the defect and the residual modulus or strength.




    Structural quality inspection


    product description

    Results and technical characteristics


    For the structure of the track board, the wide-area signal pick-up device is specially customized to ensure the quality of the collected signal;

    The surface wave method is used to detect cracks, which are less affected by steel bars, moisture and crack faces;

    Based on the classical FFT spectrum analysis method, the MEM spectrum analysis method is introduced for more and more intelligent analysis methods.



    1. “Procedure for Nondestructive Testing of Railway Tunnel Lining Quality” (TB 10223-2004)

    2. "Quality Acceptance Standard for High-speed Railway Tunnel Construction" (TB 10753-2010)


    According to the standard

    Track plate void detection - impact echo method (IE method)

    The track plate void detection uses the impact echo method (IE method), and its acquisition schematic is as above. The elastic wave signal is continuously excited along the surface of the track plate, and the signal will be reflected when it encounters a loose medium such as a void or a cavity. By extracting the abnormal reflection signal and performing corresponding processing, the position and depth of the void can be identified.

    Test principle and method


    Instrument selection


    Ballastless track multi-function non-destructive tester (type III)

      Multifunctional Nondestructive Tester for Ballastless Track (Type III)
    Ballastless track void detector (type III)
    Track slab void √  √ 
    Crack depth √   
    Damage of track slab concrete √   


    Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
    1 ★Provide database management services, can be docked with BIM system to achieve the visualization of test results model; with the database, can be linked to test results cloud AI (artificial intelligence) analysis
    2 ★Host protection level:IP66
    3 ★operating system:windows
    4 ★Waveform noise and signal processing technology: eliminating residual excitation signal; integration processing, average processing, moving smoothing、BPF、EMD
    5 ★Spectrum analysis:FFT、MEM
    6 ★Number of channels: 2 channels (using VMC technology to expand to multiple channels), triggering channels and receiving channels are interchangeable
    7 ★Test method for voids (seams) of track slab: IE plane imaging
    8 ★IE test coupling: high damping sensor support
    9 Platform: three Defense Integration Platform
    10 Effective testing range of concrete crack depth:0.01-0.3m
    11 Testing method for concrete crack depth: phase inversion method
    12 Testing method for concrete material: single side propagation method
    13 Data acquisition: support for touch and wireless dual mode operation; support for single and continuous dual mode sampling
    14 Support GPS positioning
    15 working temperature:-10~45℃     
    16 Sampling accuracy: floating point interpolation is compensated to 24 bits
    17 Maximum acquisition frequency: 500KHz, adjustable  
    18 Maximum collection points: 20000, adjustable
    19 Maximum / minimum voltage can be displayed:10V/0.0001V
    20 Display: large screen, LCD     
    21 Graphics processing: isoline, shade map, fast planar imaging(QPG)
    22 The same screen indicates the maximum waveform number: 300 (waveform acquisition point 2048, sampling interval 2us)


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