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    Prestressed anchor cable (pole) tension detector

    Device name
    Prestressed anchor cable (pole) tension detector


    Test object: Anchor cables (rods) in bridges, tunnels, ports, slopes, mountain reinforcements, etc.

    Test content: Anchor effective prestress


    Test items



     Related patents

    Patent name: A non-destructive testing method for testing the tension of prestressed anchor system



     Equivalent mass method

    When the anchor head is excited, the vibration system induced by the anchor cable is not fixed, but changes with the change of the anchoring force. The greater the anchoring force, the greater the mass involved in free vibration.

     Test principle and method


     Achievements and technical characteristics

    Accurate test, the test accuracy is over 90%;

    Wide testing range and tension range from several tons to several hundred tons;

    Simple and fast operation, good reproducibility, and small human influence factors;

    The main components are imported from the United States and Japan, with high reliability and durability.


     product description


    Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. provides prestressed anchor cable tension detector. This equipment is mainly used in the quality inspection of anchor rods (cables) in bridges, tunnels, ports, slopes, mountain reinforcements and other projects. It can also be used for tension bars in building structures and bolt tension in the machinery industry.





     High detection efficiency


    Wide range of detection objects,
    Applicable before and after grouting

    Strong census


     Prestressed anchor cable (pole)       tension detector 

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    1 ★Provide database management services, can be docked with BIM system to achieve the visualization of test results model; with the database, can be linked to test results cloud AI (artificial intelligence) analysis
    2 ★operating system:windows
    3 ★Waveform noise processing and spectrum analysis: Mobile smoothing、BPF、EMD、FFT、MEM
    4 ★Testing method of effective prestress under anchor: equivalent mass method(TTEM)
    5 ★Signal processing techniques: integrator processing and averaging processing
    6 Platform: portable platform
    7 Number of channels: 2 channels (using VMC technology to expand to multiple channels), triggering channels and receiving channels are interchangeable.
    8 Testing method for free suspension tension: string vibration method
    9 Data acquisition: support for touch and wireless dual mode operation; support for single and continuous dual mode sampling.
    10 working temperature:0~45℃                                                
    11 Sampling accuracy: floating point interpolation is compensated to 24 bits
    12 Acquisition frequency: 500KHz, adjustable  
    13 Maximum collection points: 20000, adjustable
    14 Maximum / minimum voltage can be displayed:10V/0.0001V                                                                             
    15 Location information: supporting GPS positioning

    Vibrator hammer



    Integrated front jack jack

    Instrument mainframe


    Power connector



    Remote control pen


    Pre-stress Assessment of a Bridge under Construction in Guangdong Province

    Verification of Suspender of Chengzhi Double South Arch Bridge in Huishui, Guizhou Province

    Detection of Anhui High Speed Bolt Length



    Device name
    Back pull effective prestress detector
    Device name
    Quality detector for grouting density of duct
    Device name
    Multi function detector of prestressed
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