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    Pile acoustic wave transmission detector

    Pile integrity testing, concrete routine testing, such as internal defects of concrete, cracks and concrete material.
    Affiliate classification
    Product parameters
    Device name
    Pile acoustic wave transmission detector
    Equipment model

    Results and technical characteristics


    The operation is simple, the profile test waveform gain and the delay multi-touch are adjustable, which is more in line with modern operating habits;
    Equipment original list-based data management, the inspection data of each site and each pile (dot) is intuitive and clear at a glance;
    Guided test process, easy to set up, quick access to the test to prevent errors;
    The analysis software provides editing functions such as depth correction, tube skew correction, span correction, defect operation, and data table correction;
    Supports a variety of waveform display modes such as graphs, wave charts, data sheets, gray scales, etc., and provides data merging functions to meet the test requirements in the case of missed measurement and multi-tube testing.



    1. Technical Specification for Ultrasonic Rebound Comprehensive Method for Testing Strength CECS 02:2005

    2. "Technical Regulations for Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete Defects" CECS 21:2000

    3. Technical Regulations for Dynamic Testing of Piles in Highway Engineering JTG/T F81-01-2004

    4. "Technical Specifications for Building Pile Testing" JGJ106-2014

    5. Technical Regulations for Testing Pile Foundations of Railway Engineering TB 10218-2008

    6. "Testing Procedures for Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rocks" 1986

    7. "Classification Standard for Engineering Rock Mass" GB 50218-94

    8. Standard for Engineering Rock Mass Test Methods BG/T 50266-99



    According to the standard


    Concrete internal defects


    Crack and concrete material


    product description


    Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. provides a pile acoustic wave transmission detector. The instrument is suitable for pile integrity testing, routine inspection of concrete, such as concrete internal defects, cracks and concrete materials. The instrument can be connected to both planar and radial transducers to generate the ultrasonic signals required for detection. At the same time, the system software supports the late database CI-DBS, which is convenient for users' data management and query.





    Pile integrity testing, routine inspection of concrete,

    Such as concrete internal defects, cracks and concrete materials.


    Test items


    Pile acoustic wave transmission detector



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    1 Host system: special microcomputer system
    2 Acoustic time reading range:0~640Kμs
    3 Sound time reading accuracy:±0.05μs
    4 Amplitude reading range: 0~177dB
    5 Gain precision: 3%
    6 Amplifier bandwidth:5Hz~500kHz
    7 Transmit voltage: 250, 500, 1000V adjustable
    8 Sampling period: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2, 6.4μ s adjustable
    9 Operation mode: double control mode (button, photoelectric knob)
    10 Trigger mode: signal trigger and external trigger
    11 ★Providing database management services, docking with BIM system, and realizing visualization of test result models
    12 Receiving sensitivity: ≤10 μv
    13 Signal acquisition mode: continuous signal and transient signal
    14 Channel number: dual channel
    15 Channel isolation: not less than42 dB
    16 Maximum penetration distance:10m
    17 Test contents: pile integrity, concrete filled steel tube defects, ultrasonic rebound strength test, and concrete defect determination
    18 Counting method: continuous improvement, automatic recording
    19 Special radial transducer for pile testing: all stainless steel probe, conductive slip ring (collector ring) connector
    20 Lifting speed: 60m/min, adjustable
    21 Counter depth accuracy:0.1m
    22 General interface: serial port and USB port
    23 Power supply: built in lithium battery can be continuously powered for 6 hours, and can be connected to batteries externally
    24 working temperature:0~40℃
    25 Working humidity:≤80%
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