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    Concrete multifunctional non-destructive tester

    Device name
    Concrete multi-functional nondestructive tester

    Unilateral propagation

    When the concrete wall thickness is unknown, the P wave can be measured on the same surface to estimate the strength index of the concrete; the virtual multi-channel technology can fully utilize the function of the device to further improve the test accuracy.

    Double-sided transmission

    It is used when there are two test faces (preferably parallel); the energy is strong, and it is also applicable to the larger-sized components (testing 100 meters long) to test the defects, thickness and material of the concrete structure.

    Shock echo method

    When the test object is thin and the excitation signal and the reflected signal are not well separated, the time of the first reflection (ie, the period) can be calculated by the spectrum analysis method, and the thickness of the object can be measured according to the wave speed.


    Test principle and method

    Surface wave method

    According to the attenuation characteristic of one type of surface wave (Rayleigh wave), the deeper the crack, the greater the energy attenuation;

    It is affected by contact with crack faces, steel bars and moisture;

    Not only can the crack depth be detected, but also the crack repair effect can be evaluated;

    Suitable for testing structures with large test surfaces and deep cracks (>10cm)

    The company's original technology is recommended for the Japanese Society of Civil Engineers.


    Test objects: various concrete structures such as bridges, piers, tunnel linings, dams, houses, etc.

    Test content: concrete material: elastic modulus, compressive strength, etc.

    Structure size: thickness

    Surface defects: crack depth, void (peeling), surface degradation

    Internal defects: internal voids, loose, broken

    Test items


    The main components of the instrument are imported from abroad. Based on the shock elastic wave theory, it is compatible with many kinds of technologies at home and abroad and the technology independently developed by the company. The testing accuracy is high. The technology of crack depth detection has been listed as the recommended method of Japan Civil Society.


    Concrete material testing


    Concrete structure inspection


    Concrete strength testing


    Concrete internal defect detection


    product description



    Sichuan Shengtuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. provides concrete multi-function non-destructive testing instrument. The equipment can be used for concrete material testing, concrete structure testing, concrete strength testing, and concrete internal defect testing.





    IE Analysis Method Based on FFT/MEM

    Special Sensor Support with High Damping and Rigidity

    The test scope is large and the content is rich


    Stable and delicate CT imaging technology

    Distance measurement by water-free coupling cross-hole method

    Rich application schemes


    Results and technical characteristics

    Crack depth test method (surface wave method): it is less affected by steel and crack surface contact;

    Elastic modulus test method: the effect of steel bars can be corrected, and the test accuracy is comparable to the static load test;

    Improved Impact-Echo Method (IEEV): Based on the classical spectrum analysis method FFT, it introduces higher resolution analysis methods and adds intelligent analysis methods, and has two modes of “standard” and “enhanced”.


    Concrete multifunctional

    non-destructive tester



    Landing in China

    The multi-functional non-destructive testing technology for concrete based on impact elastic wave researched by the company is based on more than 10 years of joint research and hundreds of years of research by Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd., Kashima Construction Co., Ltd., and セントラルTechnology. Repeated verification of a project.


    In 2007, he landed in China and successively obtained support from Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, and Sichuan Provincial Economic Commission's key innovation projects, and served in a number of testing institutions, research institutes and institutions of higher learning.


    Concrete multifunctional

    non-destructive testing technology

    the study



    Related patents


    Patent name: A method for reducing the test error of elastic wave signals by using two-direction vibration


    Patent Name: A Nondestructive Test Method for Bearing Capacity of Concrete Bridges Based on Elastic Modulus

    Patent No:ZL200510021851.5

    Patent No:ZL201310100142.0

    Patent No:ZL201410078642.3

    Patent Name: Detection Method of Elastic Modulus of Concrete Materials in Reinforced Concrete Members




    1. Technical standard for on-site inspection of concrete structures (GB/T 50784-2013)

    2. China Engineering Construction Standardization Association Standard: Technical Specification for Ultrasonic Testing Concrete Defects (CECS21:2000)

    3. Industry Standard of the Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China: Technical Regulations for Defect Inspection of Hydraulic Concrete Structures (SL713-2015)

    4. Technical Specifications for Detection and Evaluation of Defects in Hydraulic Concrete Buildings (including Shock Echo, Elastic Wave CT) (DLT5251-2010)

    5. Technical specification for assembly concrete structure engineering inspection (DB21T2419-2015)

    6. The industry standard for housing and urban construction in the People's Republic of China: impact echo detection is a technical specification for concrete defects (JGT/T411-2017)

    7. Local Standards for the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Shanxi Province: Technical Specifications for Testing Concrete Quality by Impact Elastic Wave Method (DBJ04T39-2017)

    According to the standard

    Instrument selection


    Patent Name: Method of Reducing Residual Signals Excited by Shock Elastic Waves to Identify Reflected Wave Signals


    专利号:ZL 200910082851.4

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    1 ★Provide database management services, can be docked with BIM system, to achieve the visualization of test results model; with the database, can be linked to test results cloud AI (artificial intelligence) analysis
    2 ★Host protection level:IP66 
    3 ★operating system:windows
    4 ★Waveform noise processing and spectrum analysis: Mobile smoothing、BPF、EMD、FFT、MEM  
    5 ★IE test coupling: high damping sensor support
    6 ★Testing methods of crack depth: propagation time difference method, phase inversion method and surface wave method
    7 ★Effective test range for crack depth: up to 2M
    8 ★Concrete span test interval: up to40m
    9 ★Cross hole test interval of rock and soil: up to 20m
    10 ★Cross hole testing coupling mode: anhydrous pressure coupling
    11 ★Cross hole test direction: horizontal, vertical, vertical and vertical.
    12 ★Number of channels: 2 channels (using VMC technology to expand to multiple channels), triggering channels and receiving channels are interchangeable.
    13 ★Signal processing technology: reducing residual vibration signals; integrating processing and averaging processing.
    14 Platform: three Defense Integration Platform
    15 Material testing methods: reflection method, single side propagation method, double side transmission method.
    16 Defect testing methods: elastic wave radar (EWR), tomographic scanning (CT), vibration method
    17 Material and size test range:0.1-10m
    18 Testing method for structure and size: reflection method
    19 Cross hole testing method: tomographic scanning(CT)
    20 Test aperture size: 80-95mm (type 090 cross hole device), 180— 210mm (type 200 cross hole device)
    21 Data acquisition: support for touch and wireless dual mode operation; support for single and continuous dual mode sampling.
    22 working temperature:0~45℃     
    23 Sampling accuracy: floating point interpolation is compensated to 24 bits.
    24 Maximum acquisition frequency: 500KHz, adjustable  
    25 Maximum collection points: 20000, adjustable
    26 Maximum collection points: 20000, adjustable:10V/0.0001V
    27 Display: LCD display  
    28 Statistical processing of results: simple averages, deviations, and elimination of abnormal data.
    29 Graphics processing: isoline, shading, tomography, and 3 dimensional slicing technology
    30 The same screen indicates the maximum waveform number: 300 (waveform acquisition point 2048, sampling interval 4us).
    31 Location information: supporting GPS positioning



    Wide area vibration signal pickup device



    Acceleration sensor


    Acceleration sensor



    Charge cable




    Charge cable

    Wide area vibration signal pickup device


    Impact hammer

    Voltage cable



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    Device name
    Nonmetal ultrasonic detector
    Device name
    Concrete strength tester
    Device name
    Impact echo audio detector