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    Back pull effective prestress detector

    Device name
    Back pull effective prestress detector

    Testing object: Effective prestress of single strand steel wire

    Detection Content: Effective Prestress under Anchor and Non-uniformity of Same Section

    Test items

    Patent name: a steel strand prestressing detection device based on reverse pulling method

    Related patents

    Patent No:ZL201620473075.6


    In the process of back-tension, the back-tension force and the displacement produced by the anchor cable are identified, and the back-tension force and displacement change are monitored to terminate the back-tension intelligently, and the recorded back-tension force and displacement are analyzed to find out the effective prestressing force of the anchor cable without destroying the existing condition of the anchor cable.

    Test principle and method


    High safety: the intelligent limit device can automatically identify the control balance point;
    The system automatically displays the value after balancing, automatically identifies the effective pre-stress value, without human intervention;
    Highly automated: the tension value stops immediately when it is balanced with the test value;
    High detection efficiency and protection of the original state of the structure, avoiding prestress loss caused by excessive tension;
    High accuracy: fundamentally avoid the error of artificially selecting the inflection point of the traditional force and displacement relationship curve;
    Database management service.


    Results and technical characteristics


    product description


    The anti-pull effective pre-stress detector uses advanced sensor technology and electromechanical technology. Through the intelligent limit device, the tension can be automatically controlled, the displacement of the clip can be controlled, and the balance point can be automatically recognized. When the tension value and the test force value are balanced, the oil pump can be stopped immediately, which is effectively avoided due to the over tension. The prestress loss greatly ensures the influence of the inspection on the quality of the project. The system is simple in operation, high in precision and high in reliability. It is a revolutionary technology for reverse tensile prestress detection.





    Anti-rotation device of Jack


    Intelligent Limiting Device to Ensure that the clamp is not over-stretched


    Multi-point clamp displacement monitoring to ensure clamp return



    Extension sleeve device

    Suitable for all kinds of anchorage


    Instrument selection

       Back pull effective            prestress detectortester

    project Back-tension Effective Prestress TesterSRS-PTT Effective Prestressing Tester for Holes
    R S ST-PTT-S
    Effective prestress under anchor
    Test condition Single beam tension Single beam tension Whole beam tension


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    1 ★Controlled stretching length, limited clamp displacement, read independent clamp displacement (precision 0.01 mm), automatically identify the balance point, prevent overstretching
    2 ★Software and hardware limit the maximum force value at the same time (maximum force value can be set) to prevent hyper tension.
    3 ★Provide database management services, can be docked with BIM system to achieve the visualization of test results model; with the database, can be linked to test results cloud AI (artificial intelligence) analysis
    4 ★Using working dynamometer and pressure sensor to test the range.:0—250KN
    5 Puncture aperture: greater than 15.2mm
    6 Tensioning stroke:100mm
    7 Maximum test tension value:230kN
    8 Accuracy: superior1%FS
    9 Result recognition: automatic calculation of effective prestress value without human intervention.
    10 Display: LED LCD / PC display


    Dedicated sensor wiring



    Integrated front jack jack

    Instrument mainframe


    Power connector



    Oil pipe


    Tablet PC


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    Density Testing of Grouting under Construction in Hunan Province




    Device name
    Prestressed anchor cable (pole) tension detector
    Device name
    Quality detector for grouting density of duct
    Device name
    Multi function detector of prestressed
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